Pastured Broiler Chickens


We raise two breeds of meat chicken.  Cornish Cross have been the “standard”  breed in the US for the past half century.  These fast growing, “8 week” birds are very plump but not as flavorful as slower growing breeds.  Though they are not as familiar to folks in this country, we at Well Fed prefer Freedom Rangers, a “12 week” French style broiler that offers a full, meaty frame with superior texture and flavor that comes from better breeding as well as extra time spent foraging on pasture.
All of our chickens are raised in small groups, outdoors in portable, open bottomed pens which are moved daily to fresh pasture. They are clean, healthy and have constant access to grass, grit, bugs, sunshine and fresh air. In addition to what the birds forage themselves, we feed a premium ration of non-GMO grain from Conway Feed, our neighborhood, family-owned mill.  This healthy, natural diet and lifestyle result in firm, yet tender meat, with a wonderful flavor that simply cannot be found in broilers raised in the industrial model.
Freedom Ranger are sold exclusively by pre-order.  Cornish Cross are available on a weekly basis at the Anacortes and Lake Forest Park Farmers Markets.  To order Freedom Rangers, follow the link below.

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