Farm Stand


We now have a self-service stand at the home farm! Look for the “Well Fed Farms” sign at 17858 Sam Bell Rd. in Bow. The stand is open year-round, seven day a week, during daylight hours.

Please follow the instructions at the stand when making your purchases. Payment is by cash or check only, so come prepared. Prepayment options and gift certificates are available. Please email for details.

In addition to eggs and a seasonal assortment of veggies from the farm, we also feature certified organic produce from other like-minded farms in the Skagit Valley, as well as a choice selection of products from some of the  amazing processors who use the food we grow. You’ll find goodies from:

  • Cascadia Mushrooms – Outstanding organic shiitakes
  • Raven Breads – Wholemeal sourdough breads and treats made from carefully sourced local ingredients
  • Junebug Ferments – Various krauts and their amazing beet kvass
  • Pangea Ferments – Delicious fermented jalapenos, beets, cucumber pickles, and more

You can also buy our pasture raised pork, chicken, and lamb through the stand. Follow the link below for current availability.  Meat is not kept stocked at the stand itself and must be ordered in advance. Email your requests to at least 48 hours ahead of your planned visit. We will custom pack your order and email an invoice with pick-up details.

Meat Availability & Pricing

Please note that there are people living and working at the farm. When visiting, we ask that you respect their privacy. Also, while we will happily arrange tours of the farm with advanced notice, we ask that you not walk around the farm during you visits to the stand. Do feel free to enjoy the sites from the stand itself and from the adjoining roadways.

Lastly, until further notice, we ask that visitors come prepared with a face covering and only shop the stand one party at a time. We recognize that people have different levels of concern about Covid-19, but out of respect, we want to make sure that all our staff and customers feels safe and ask that all visitors err on the side of caution and respect. As a friend likes to say, “There are a lot of days that I don’t want to wear pants, but I know that they generally make other people feel comfortable, so I’ll put them on before going out in public just to be on the safe side.”